From a German point of view, this is a typical Danish appeal to material things – a poster implying that Denmark, in contrast to Germany, had plenty of corn and could sustain the population, whether city or country dwellers. This poster exploited the weak position of Germany after the war. From a Danish point of view, the poster expresses social solidarity, and typifies the nation as a community. The text is a quotation from a song by the Danish poet, Jeppe Aakjær, praising the fatherland: 'Look around a summer's day'. You need to know the poem to understand the message of the poster. It presents Denmark as a small, peaceful land of farmers with no great social divisions. The song was written in 1904. Danish plebiscite poster by Thor Bøgelund, text by Jeppe Aakjær. 5,000 copies. 49 x 27.5 cm.