J. Holtz, a graphic artist from Flensburg, born in Tønder, designed the first poster used by the German side leading up to the plebiscite in Zone 2. From the middle of January 1920 (and for many weeks afterwards), it was in evidence in the streets, especially in Flensburg, and was also used as a postcard. The motif and the text – both in Danish and in German – appealed to the 'Schleswig mindset' of those entitled to vote. The imminent partition of Schleswig was presented as the brutal tearing apart of the thousand-year-old Duchy, flying in the face of history. The poster simply ignored the fact that the Duchy of Schleswig only became independent in the 13th century. German plebiscite poster, only used in Zone 2. Designed by Johann Holtz. No. of copies unknown. Exists with both Danish and German text. 38 x 29.5 cm.