This poster is a virtuoso performance: everything Danish – fair and friendly – is contrasted with everything German – dark and threatening. The text carries the message further: Danish national identity is personified by an image of all that is nearest and dearest – the relationship between mother and child. The designer, Thor Bøgelund, achieved this emotionally powerful, though extremely tendentious, effect by juxtaposing 'Mother Denmark', symbol of the Danish people, with the Eagle, symbol of the German Reich. A more honest use of national symbols would have been to juxtapose Mother Denmark and Germania as symbols of the two peoples; or to use the symbols of the two states – the German Eagle and the Lions from the Danish coat of arms. The imagery of the poster appealed directly to feelings: choose what is fair, warm and mild; choose the flag and the woman! The mother is calling her children to her; urging those looking at the poster to choose as their forefathers did. Thus the message of the poster is: follow the dictates of history and the pull of your own heart. In this way you will walk in the footsteps of the ancestors. Danish plebiscite poster by Thor Bøgelund, text by Hans Ahlmann. 5,250 copies. 92 x 64 cm.