This German poster shows the head of Uwe Jens Lornsen encircled by a wreath of flame. This man was one of the pioneers of the Schleswig-Holstein movement, and in his work, 'Über das Verfassungs­werk in Schleswigholstein' (1830), he called for the separation of the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein from the Kingdom of Denmark. It is therefore understandable that, in a situation when the whole Schleswig-Holstein question was to the fore, he was revived to be the spokesman for the German cause in the plebiscite campaign. His clear and resolute gaze signals to the public that his cause – that Schleswig should belong to Germany – was crystal clear. Down to the last doubter, people were to be convinced that that the only choice for a Schleswig-Holsteiner was to vote for 'The German Fatherland'. This message is further underlined by the fact that under the picture of Lorn­sen there is a row of hands raised as if swearing allegiance; the solemn promise of these hands has already fulfilled his exhortation to show fealty to the German Fatherland. The picture has a religious undertone. German plebiscite poster, designer and number of copies unknown. Published in Kiel on 25 February 1920. 101 x 65.5 cm.