This poster was made by Alex(ander) Eckener, a painter and graphic artist from Flensburg. Along with a poster by J. Holtz showing a rather gloomy version of the Schleswig coat of arms, this poster was used by the German side in Zone 2 in February and the beginning of March med 1920. The motif was inspired by a painting called 'Eden' by the Swiss painter, Ferdinand Hodler. A Frisian raises his right hand as if swearing an oath, left hand on his heart. Behind him, their hands lifted, too, as if swearing an oath, stands a tightly-packed group of men. The eye of the beholder glides away over a stylised marshland landscape towards an remote farmhouse in the background; on the right, separated off by a stretch of water, lies a small harbour with boats and a church. As in 'Eden', the Frisian and the group of men behind him confirm their right to remain citizens of Schleswig and therefore German – a right forged by history. German plebiscite poster, drawn by Alex(ander) Eckener. No. of copies unknown. Exists with both Danish and German text. 78 x 56 cm.