One of the most popular German posters – designed by Paul Haase – shows a sower who asks his German countrymen the question, both rhetorical and exhortative, whether Denmark was to harvest the fruits of centuries of German work in Schleswig, if Zone 2 were lost? In this case, Haase quite deliberately chose the picture of a white-bearded old farmer who, judging from the determined look in his eye, was not ready to hand over his native soil – his livelihood and his life's work – to foreigners without a struggle. On his head he wore the skipper's cap so typical of Schleswig-Holstein. This poster was not aimed only at the rural population, but to all those in Schleswig who felt they could identify themselves with this sower and his clear, simple message: the home soil, passed for generations from father to son, must remain in German hands. German plebiscite poster, drawn by Paul Haase. No. of copies unknown. 76 x 54 cm.