This poster was printed in large numbers, both in the Danish and German text versions, in full size and in quarter size. The poor, somewhat frightened boy is barefoot, clothes patched and worn, and all he has to play with is an empty matchbox. A heart-rending picture of a state of poverty that must not be allowed to last. And indeed, the boy asks his mother to do something: 'Think of me, vote Danish'. The artist, Thor Bøgelund, borrowed this motif from a German poster used in connection with the election to the Reichstag in 1919. The motif with the little boy has moreover been regularly used in connection with other elections: the plebiscite in the Saar in 1935, for example, and elections to the county council in Flensburg in 1948. The last time it was used was in June 1992 in connection with the Danish referendum on the EC (Maastricht Treaty): the boy asks his mother to vote against. Danish plebiscite poster, drawn by Thor Bøgelund, Danish and German text versions. 7,500 copies in all. Exists in two sizes: 46 x 32 cm and 92 x 64 cm.