'The Boy with the red Sweater' was drawn by Paul Haase, who had earlier done 'The Black Rider' and 'The Sower'. This poster, too, was printed in a large edition, and was undoubtedly meant to counter the Danish Poster, 'Mother, vote Danish'. Looking straight ahead, the happy boy is holding a huge Schleswig-Holstein flag that swirls around him before disappearing at the lower edge of the picture. A black-white-red bow in the colours of the old Reich adorns his sweater. On top of his pageboy haircut he wears a cap with a tassel, somewhat reminiscent of the one worn by 'The German Michel'. The large swathes of strong, bright colours give a sense of urgency. Just as urgent is the boy himself, urging his parents' generation to 'be German' or 'remain German', like himself. German plebiscite poster by Paul Haase as a counter to the Danish poster 'Mother, vote Danish'.   No. of copies unknown. 77.5 x 54 cm.