This Polish poster has a motif that had already been used by the Danish side in the 1910 plebiscite in Schleswig, but the interesting thing is that it has been changed. The Danish poster shows a boy, but in this case it is a girl, and she has been given a necklace bearing the inscription IHS. This is a monogram of the name of Jesus in Greek, sometimes interpreted in Latin as 'Jesus Hominum Salvator' (Jesus, saviour of mankind), and very commonly used in the Catholic Church. In her right hand, the girl is holding a matchbox as a toy and in her left hand she holds the Polish national flag with the state eagle, a symbol of the newly-formed Polish state. The text's moving appeal, 'Mother, think of me, vote for Poland', is addressed to the woman as a mother: she must not frivolously fritter away her children's future by voting for Germany. Polish plebiscite poster. Poznań 1920. Based on a design by Thor Bøgelund. No. of copies unknown. 100 x 68 cm.