A skeleton in folk costume, wearing a hatband in the Hungarian red-green-white national colours sways gently over the town of Ödenburg/Sopron, playing the violin – a symbol of Hungarian folk culture. The text at the bottom of the poster in Gothic script sends its warning: 'Trust not in the flattering songs! Vote German!'. Death playing the violin is thus linked to the Hungarian attempt to tempt the population in this little plebiscite area to vote for Hungary, even though this country, too, was one of the losers of the war and would therefore, like Austria, be forced to contribute to war damages. Just as in Upper Silesia, the population here is being warned that things will go badly for them if Austria should lose the plebiscite. However, this is what actually happened: there was a majority for Hungary. Austrian plebiscite poster, Vienna 1921. Based on a design by Ernst Kutzer (1895-1965). Printed at the behest of the Ödenburger Heimatdienst. 92 x 61 cm.