This poster plays on the fear of the future felt by the inhabitants of Burgenland (German Western Hungary). We see an area of Austria between the two important towns of Vienna and Graaz shaded in grey, with Burgenland in a somewhat lighter grey. Hungary, on the other hand, is not depicted – only a black and frightening abyss. Close to the edge of the abyss is a narrow cage in Hungarian colours and in it a man desperately rattling the bars. He is trying to escape from captivity to avoid falling into the black abyss. The message of the picture is underlined by the text: 'Burgenlanders, Ödenburgers, mind the economic ligature. It will be your downfall!'. With this poster, the Austrian side warn against voting for Hungary because it would mean being cut off from Austrian trade and commercial life in general. In fact, the towns Vienna and Graz got their food supplies from Burgenland. Austrian plebiscite poster. Based on a design by H. Bleschner. No. of copies unknown. 90 x 58 cm.