'No! No! Never!'. This was the motto of the nationalist movement in Hungary after the signing of the Treaty of Tria­non in June 1920, by which the territory of the state of Hungary had been reduced by 60%. The message of this poster, white letters on a red background, is particularly effective. About this slogan there is a map of Hungary before World War I, on which are marked the areas that have been ceded. The Sopron/Ödenburg area is the smallest of these, and the Hungarians had tried to hinder the cession of it by putting in irregular soldiers to repel the Austrian gendarmes. After the major powers had intervened, a plebiscite was held, which Hungary won with a large margin, despite Austrian claims that the country was bankrupt. Hungarian plebiscite poster, 1920. Artist and no. of copies unknown. 63 x 45 cm.