Farmers were a motif used on posters in all plebiscite areas, and this was also the case in Allenstein and Marienwer­der. A farmer walking behind his harrow when working in the fields symbolises the close bonds between the people and their native soil. He stands in supplication, the palms of his hands turned towards heaven. The text supports his gesture, clearly hoping for support from on high: 'Oh Lord, make the soil of my forefathers remain German!'. This motif appealed to the peoples' deep-rooted oneness with their native soil, and the continuity of the German influence in the region is so clearly presented that a decision in favour of Germany was in fact beyond doubt. The use of Gothic script on this poster, as on others, serves to emphasise the German message. German plebiscite poster. Based on a sketch by Walter Riemer, 1920. No. of copies unknown. 94 x 69 cm.