In the centre of the poster we see a white skull on a black background, resting on a green snake. The image signals imminently threatening mortal danger, and the text in Polish does the same. At the top, it reads: 'Death threatens the inhabitants of Upper Silesia if they remain in Germany!!!'. And under the skulls is printed this prayer: 'From hunger, plague, war and German occupation, good Lord deliver us!'. This is a slightly altered quotation from a familiar Polish prayer, though the German occupation is not mentioned in the original. But linking this powerful picture with the prayer gives an almost biblical dimension to the poster. The snake is a symbol of temptation, and here it is attempting to lure all the inhabitants of Upper Schleswig into making a fatal choice. The skull is a symbol of mortality and warns of what will happen if people do not vote for Poland. When Adam was tempted to make the wrong choice, he was driven out of Paradise; Upper Silesia must not be similarly tempted to make a wrong choice. Polish plebiscite poster. Mikolów 1921, based on a design by Stanislaw Ligoń (1879-1954). Artist and no. of copies printed unknown. 103 x 67 cm.