This very sombre plebiscite poster shows a skeleton in the red cape with a white fur border – the Polish national colours. In his right hand, the skeleton holds a bloody sword. Behind him we see a black horse with blood on its flanks and hooves. The text reads: 'Poland needs you as cannon fodder!', and this text, along with the image, was meant to remind people of the Polish-Russian hostilities which ran from February 1919 to March 1921. This was a warning from the German side in the plebiscite campaign: a Polish victory would mean that the male population would become conscripts in the Polish army, and this would most likely mean death for many of them. The manic cry of the skeleton would lead to a new war. The poster has thus a very moving and urgent motif, clearly appealing to people not to vote for Poland. German plebiscite poster 1920-21. Artist and no. of copies printed unknown. 71 x 93 cm.