This exhortation to vote in the plebiscite on 11 July 1920 sends a message that cannot be misunderstood. The text is written in italics, and the motif shows how seriously the German side took this plebiscite concerning their future national affiliation. The white Polish eagle on a red background, which has been the national symbol of Poland since the 11th century, is here presented as threatening. It is attacking a screaming, defenceless baby that raises its arm in terror to protect itself. A woman rushes in from the left to protect the howling child from the Polish eagle. The Polish side is thus presented as a vicious bird of prey, attempting to carry off what was formerly a German area. This poster is aimed directly at the population in the Marienwerder area of West Prussia (today, Kwidzyn in Poland), appealing to them to vote for Germany. German plebiscite poster. Based on a design by Walter Riemer, 1920. No. of copies unknown. 95 x 72 cm.