Upper Silesia was an important plebiscite area. Before World War I, Germany had covered 20% of its weapons and ammunition requirements from here. This important industry formed part of the plebiscite campaign and is represented here by the smoking chimney in the little girl's basket. She wears a red hood on her head and her basket bearing the legend, 'Silesia', is raised on high, while she looks back fearfully at the pursuing wolf. The wolf is red like the Polish flag, and on its side, to hammer the message home, it bears the Polish national coat of arms with the white eagle. This is a German presentation of the situation of Upper Schleswig, and the motif refers to the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood and the wicked Wolf by the brothers Grimm. In the fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood is rescued and the Wolf dies, but the result of the plebiscite in Upper Silesia on 20 March 1921 turned out differently: the area was divided between Germany and Poland. German plebiscite poster. 1920. Artist and no. of copies printed unknown. 48 x 64 cm.