This poster was designed by Maksim Gaspari, a well-known painter in Slovenia. He had previously illustrated Slovenian folk tales. In 1918-20 he threw himself energetically into the plebiscite campaign and painted a large number of pictures calling for a national awakening, as may be seen from the motif of this poster. The colours green and white were also used in the Slovenian campaign. Here, the victory of Yugoslavia (the SHS state) is depicted. A man in national costume tears up a green Austrian ballot sheet while treading on a green lindworm with a wreath of oak leaves around its neck. The oak leaves identify German influence, whilst the lindworm is the logo of the town of  Klagenfurt, used here to symbolise Germany-Austria. Lying on the ground, the lindworm cries 'Alas, Alack', thus signalling his defeat. A woman in traditional folk costume, flowers in her right hand and a white ballot sheet in her left, raises her arms to greet the man, rejoicing over the defeat of Germany-Austria. Yugoslavian plebiscite poster. Based on a design by Maksim Gaspari (1883-1980), 1920. No. of copies unknown. 42 x 54 cm.